The examples show how to use the Storage VMotion command-line interface to relocate a virtual machine and all its disks, or to relocate the virtual machine configuration file while leaving the disks in place.

The examples in this section are formatted on multiple lines for readability. The command should be issued on a single line.

An example of relocating all of a virtual machine’s disks to a datastore named new_datastore:

svmotion --url= 
         --vm='[old_datastore] myvm/myvm.vmx: new_datastore'

An example of relocating a virtual machine to new_datastore, while leaving the disks, myvm_1.vmdk and myvm_2.vmdk on old_datastore:

svmotion --datacenter='My DC' 
         --vm='[old_datastore] myvm/myvm.vmx:
         --disks='[old_datastore] myvm/myvm_1.vmdk:
                  [old_datastore] myvm/myvm_2.vmdk: