You can install the Microsoft Sysprep tools from a CD.


Insert the Windows operating system CD into the CD-ROM drive (often the D: drive).


Locate the DEPLOY.CAB file in the CD directory, \Support\Tools.


Open and expand the DEPLOY.CAB file, using a tool such as Winzip.exe or another tool capable of reading Microsoft CAB files.


Extract the files to the directory appropriate to your Sysprep guest operating system.

The following Sysprep support directories were created during vCenter Server installation:

C:\<ALLUSERSPROFILE>\Application Data\Vmware\VMware VirtualCenter\sysprep

where <ALLUSERSPROFILE> is usually \Documents And Settings\All Users\. This is where vpxd.cfg is also located.

Select the subdirectory that corresponds to your operating system.


Click OK to expand the files.

After you have extracted the files from the .cab file, you should see:


where <guest> is 2k, xp, svr2003, xp-64, or svr2003-64.


Repeat this procedure to extract Sysprep files for each of the Windows guest operating systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 2003) you plan to customize using vCenter Server.

You are now ready to customize a new virtual machine with a supported Windows guest operating system when you clone an existing virtual machine.