In the Guest Customization wizard, on the Computer Name page, you must specify a name for this instance of a guest operating system. On Linux systems, it is called the host name. The operating system uses this name to identify itself on the network.

You can set the computer name using one of the following options:

Use a specific name

The name can contain alphanumeric characters and the underscore ( _ ) and hyphen (-) characters. It cannot contain periods (.) or blank spaces and cannot be made up of digits only. To ensure that the name is unique, select Append a numeric value to ensure uniqueness. This appends a hyphen followed by a numeric value to the virtual machine name. Names are case-insensitive.

Use the virtual machine’s name

The computer name that vCenter Server creates is identical to the name of the virtual machine on which the guest operating system is running.

Prompt the user for a name in the Deploy wizard

The vSphere Client populates the Deploy Virtual Machine wizard with a prompt for the computer name after you complete all the steps in the wizard.

Use a custom application configured with vCenter Server to generate a name

Enter a parameter that can be passed to the custom application.