VMware ESX 4.0 and vCenter Server 4.0 Edition

vSphere Resource Management Guide : Viewing DRS Cluster Information : Using the DRS Tab : DRS Recommendations Page

DRS Recommendations Page
You can reach this page by clicking the Recommendations button on the DRS tab.
The Recommendations page of the DRS tab displays the following cluster properties.
Automation level for DRS virtual machine migration recommendations. Fully Automated, Partially Automated, or Manual.
Additionally, the DRS Recommendations section on this page displays the current set of recommendations generated for optimizing resource utilization in the cluster through either migrations or power management. Only manual recommendations awaiting user confirmation appear on this list.
Actions that you can take from this page:
To refresh the recommendations, click Run DRS and the recommendations update. This command appears on all three DRS pages.
To apply a subset of the recommendations, select the Override DRS recommendations check box. This activates the Apply check boxes next to each recommendation. Select the check box next to each desired recommendation and click Apply Recommendations.
Table 7‑4 shows the information that DRS provides for each recommendation.
DRS recommendations are configurable only using vCenter Server. Migrations are not available when you connect the vSphere Client directly to ESX/ESXi hosts. To use the migrations function, have vCenter Server manage the host.