Solutions are delivered as management pack PAK files that you upload, license, and install.

When you add solutions, you add adapters that manage communication and integration between vRealize Operations Manager and other products, applications, and functionality.

On the left, select Administration > Solutions. On the right, select the Solutions tab, and click the green plus sign + in the toolbar.

The wizard includes three pages where you locate and upload a PAK file, accept the EULA and install, and review the installation.

Wizard Options



Page 1

Browse a Solution

Navigate to your copy of a management pack PAK file.


To prepare for installation, copy the PAK file to vRealize Operations Manager.

Install the PAK file even if it is already installed

If the PAK file was already uploaded, reload the PAK file using the current file, but leave user customizations in place. Do not overwrite or update the solution alerts, symptoms, recommendations, and policies.

Reset out-of-the-box content

If the PAK file was already uploaded, reload the PAK file using the current file, and overwrite the solution default alerts, symptoms, recommendations, and policies with newer versions provided with the current PAK file.


A reset overwrites customized content. If upgrading, best practice is to clone customized content before upgrading.

The PAK file is unsigned

Warning appears if the PAK file is not signed with a digital signature that VMware provides. The digital signature indicates the original developer or publisher and provides the authenticity of the management pack. If installing a PAK file from an untrusted source is a concern, check with the management pack distributor before proceeding with the installation.

Page 2

I accept the terms of the agreement

Read and agree to the end-user license agreement.


Clicking Next installs the solution.

Page 3

Installation Details

Review the installation progress, including the vRealize Operations Manager nodes where the adapter was installed.