The user activity report helps you understand the scope of user activities in your vRealize Operations Manager instance, such as when users logged in, actions they took on clusters and nodes, changes they made to system passwords, when they activated certificates, and when they logged out.

To audit user activity, select Administration and click Audit. The activities that users performed in the environment appear on the page.

User Activity Audit Actions




Update the list of user activities displayed on the page.


Download the user activity audit information to a report in PDF or XLS format.


Configure the settings to send the user activity log to an external syslog server to meet security auditing requirements.

Output log to external syslog server. When checked, vRealize Operations Manager sends the log to a separate server machine.

IP Address or Host Name. Identification for the syslog server.

Port. vRealize Operations Manager port used to send the audit information to the external server.

Date Range

Display the list of user activities performed in the past based on a selected number of hours, days, weeks, months, or years, or between two specific dates and times.


Search for specific terms in the report.