The Weather Map widget provides a graphical display of the changing values of a single metric for multiple resources over time. The widget uses colored icons to represent each value of the metric. Each icon location represents the metric value for particular resources. The color of an icon changes to show changes in the value of the metric.

You can add the Weather Map widget to one or more custom dashboards and configure it to display data that is important to different dashboard users. The data that appears in the widget is based on the configured options for each widget instance.

Watching how the map changes can help you understand how the performance of the metric varies over time for different resources.

The map does not show the real-time performance of the metrics. You select the time period, how fast the map refreshes, and the interval between readings. For example, you might have the widget play the metric values for the previous day, refreshing every half second, and have each change represent five minute's worth of metric values.

To view the object that an icon represents, click the object.

The widget might be included on any of your custom dashboards. In the left pane, click Home to see your configured dashboards.

The data that appears in the widget depends on how you configured it. To configure the widget, click the pencil on the title bar to configure the settings.

The toolbar at the top of the Weather Map widget contains the icons that you can use to view the graph.

Metric Weather Map Widget Toolbar Icons



Pause and Play

Start or stop the display. The icon remains in the same state if you leave the widget display and return.

Display Filtering Criteria

View the current settings for the widget, including the current metric.