To activate vRealize Operations Manager monitoring , you add licenses at installation or later. You track licenses so that you know what vRealize Operations Manager may monitor and when your licenses expire.

License keys activate the solution or product and are available in varying levels. Higher levels typically allow vRealize Operations Manager to monitor more objects.

In the left pane, select Administration > Licensing and click the License Keys tab.

The options include toolbar and data grid options.

Use the toolbar options to add, edit, or remove items.

License Key Toolbar Options




Select a solution or product, and enter and validate a license key for it.


Remove a license key.


Update the list of keys.

Use the data grid options to view item details.

License Key Data Grid Options



Product or Solution

Name of the product or solution associated with the key

License Type

Level of the license

License Capacity

Number of objects that the license allows the product to monitor

License Usage

Number of monitored objects that count against the capacity. If you have an unlimited capacity, this number is zero (0).


Indicates whether the license is currently valid


Date and time when the license expires

License Information (below)

Details for the selected license key


Solution or product, expiration, capacity, type, and use of the selected license key

Associated License Groups

License groups that this key is a member of, and the number of objects in the groups