If your configuration assigns values to the Geo Location object tag, the geo widget shows where your objects are located on a world map. The geo widget is similar to the Geo tab on the Inventory Explorer page.

You can move the map and zoom in or out by using the controls on the map. The icons at each location show the health of each object that has the Geo Location tag value. You can add the geo widget to one or more custom dashboards and configure it to display data that is important to different dashboard users. The data that appears in the widget is based on the configured options for each widget instance.

The widget might be included on any of your custom dashboards. In the left pane, click Home to see your configured dashboards.

The data that appears in the widget depends on how you configured it. To configure the widget, click the pencil on the title bar to configure the settings.

The Geo widget includes toolbar options.

Geo Toolbar Options



Zoom in

Zooms in on the map.

Zoom out

Zooms out on the map.