When you assign your super metric to an object type, vRealize Operations Manager calculates the super metrics for the target objects and displays it as a metric for the object type.

You defined super metric SM-AvgVMCPUUsage% to calculate average CPU usage across all virtual machines. The mathematical formula for the super metric is avg(${adapterkind=VMWARE, resourcekind=VirtualMachine, attribute=cpu|usage_average, depth=1}). With depth=1, you assign the super metric to an object type that is one level above virtual machines in the relationship chain so that the super metric appears as a metric for that object type.

Create or import your super metric. See Add Your Super Metric.

Visualize your super metric to verify that it works properly. See Visualize Your Super Metric.


Select Content > Super Metrics and select the SM-AvgVMCPUUsage% super metric .


Click the Object Types tab and click the plus sign.


Under vCenter Adapter, select Host System and click Select.

The super metric calculates the average CPU usage across all virtual machines one level below the host.

The super metric is associated with a parent object type.

In the Policies > Edit Policy > Attributes workspace, users must select and enable each super metric. See Custom Policies.

Wait at least one collection cycle for the super metric to start collecting and processing data. Then review your super metric.