To run actions in vRealize Operations Manager, you create a user group to which you add one or more roles. Creating user groups with assigned roles allows you to add users to the group rather than configuring individual user privileges.

You configure the user group for actions so that you can assign the group to any user who must be able to run the actions for which you grant them privileges. Users must have privileges to access the action adapter objects for each associated vCenter Server object.

Verify that you have at least one role created to run one or more actions. See Create User Roles for vCenter Server Actions in vRealize Operations Manager.

Verify that you have sufficient privileges to configure the user access settings.


In the left pane of vRealize Operations Manager, click the Administration icon.


Click Access Control.


Click the User Groups tab.


In the toolbar of the top user group list, click the plus sign.


Enter a Group Name and Description, and click Next.

For example, Actions on vc005.


Configure the object privileges.


Click Objects.


From the Object View drop-down menu, select Adapter Instance.


Select the check box for each action adapter instance to which the user needs access to run actions.


Assign roles to the group.


Click Roles.


Select check box for the action role that you created.


Select any other roles that the user needs.

For example, select a basic user role in addition to an action role.


Assign users to the group.


Click Members.


Select the check box for each user that you want to run the actions configured in the roles.


Click Finish.

The user group is added to the list. The configured Roles, User Accounts, and Associated Objects appear in the details for the group area.

Test the users that you assigned to the group. Log out and log back in as one of them and verify that this user can run the expected actions on the expected objects.

Configure the collection interval for your vCenter Server Python actions adapter instances. See Modify a vCenter Python Action Adapter Collection Interval.