You use the Notifications page to manage your individual alert notification rules. The rules determine which vRealize Operations Manager alerts are sent to the supported target systems.

You manage your notification rules from this page, including adding or editing the rules. To send the notifications to the supported system, you must have Outbound Alert Settings configured and enabled. The supported systems are the SMTP standard email plug-in and the REST plug-in.

The outbound alert plug-in instances must be configured before you can create and manage your notification rules.

To manage your notifications, select Content in the left pane, and click Notifications.

Notifications Options



Toolbar options

Use the toolbar options to manage your notification rules.

Add or Edit. Opens the Rule dialog box where you configure the filtering options for the notification rule.

Delete. Removes the selected rule.

Rule Name

Name you assigned when you created the notification rule.


Name of the configured outbound alert instance for the notification rule.

Instances are configured as part of the outbound alerts and can indicate different email servers or sender addresses for alert notifications.

Email Address

If the rule is for standard email notifications, the alert recipient email addresses are listed.

Object Name

If the rule specifies a notification for a particular object, the object name is listed.


If the rule specifies a notification for a particular object and selected child objects, the child object types are listed.