Administrators and users who have permission assigned to their roles can create alert notes to help other users investigate alerts that occur on objects. With alert notes, users can understand the status of an alert, or help resolve problems identified by the alert. You can create an audit trail of the actions taken to troubleshoot the problem indicated in the alert instance.

As an alert moves through a third-party trouble-ticket system, an administrator can capture the external status changes made to the alert, and the progress made to resolve the alert. For example, an administrator might add an alert note to indicate that the alert is assigned to a specific administrator or operator, that the alert was triaged, or that remediation was authorized.

Alert notes relate to a specific alert instance, even though the alert can trigger across various objects. Alert notes are not related to the alert definition. You can also delete an alert note if you have permission assigned to roles.

In the left pane, click the Alerts icon. In the alerts list, click an alert, and click the Notes tab.

The global alerts summary in Home > Alerts does not display the alert notes.

Alert Notes Options



Text area

Type a note for the alert to indicate the status, progress made, or resolution attempted.

You can copy and paste text into the alert note text area. Links are retained, but any formatting is removed.

To add a link, select the text and click the link icon. Then click Save.


Link the text to a URL, then click Save.


Saves the alert note. This option appears when you type text in the note text field.


Cancels the creation of the alert note. This option appears when you type text in the note text field.


Sorts the alert notes by newest, oldest, or by author.

All Filters

Filters the list of alert notes according to author, creation date, or note text.

To display only the alert notes that include certain text, enter text in the filter note text box. To clear the filter, click the red X.

List of alert notes

Includes the user ID and the timestamp.

User ID. Email of the user who created the alert note.

Timestamp. Time that the alert note was created.


Deletes selected alert notes. This option appears when you have permission to delete alert notes.


When more than 50 notes exist, this option displays the number of alert notes per page. Displays 50 notes per page by default.