Create your policy, and select the base policies to use to override the settings for your new policy.

In this step, you create a policy for vRealize Operations Manager to analyze and monitor your Datastore objects, and select the policies from which to inherit and override the settings for your new policy.

Create a custom object group for your Datastore objects. See User Scenario: Create an Object Group for Your Datastore Objects.


Access the Policies area to create your policy.


Click Administration, and click Policies.

The Active Policies and Policy Library tabs appear.


Click the Policy Library tab, and click the plus sign to add a policy.


In the Getting Started policy workspace, enter a name and description for the policy.


In the Start with area, select Default Policy to inherit settings from a base policy.


Select the base policies, object, and policy to use to override the settings for your new policy.


In the policy workspace, click Select Base Policies.


To view the current policy configuration for your Datastore objects, click the Show changes for drop-down menu, click vCenter Adapter - Datastore, and click the Show object type filter.

The Datastore policy configuration appears in the right pane.

Display and override the analysis settings for the Datastore objects that your new policy will monitor.