vRealize Operations Manager has a list of widgets that you can add to your dashboard to monitor specific metrics and properties of objects in your environment.

To add a widget to your dashboard, select Content > Dashboards in the left pane. On the Dashboards toolbar, click the plus sign to add a dashboard or the pencil icon to edit the selected dashboard. In the workspace, on the left, click Widget List. If you create a new dashboard, complete the required previous steps of the workspace.

In the workspace, on the left, you see a list with all predefined vRealize Operations Manager widgets. To add a widget to the dashboard, drag the widget to the content area on the right.

Most widgets must be configured individually to display information. For more information about how to configure each widget, see Using vRealize Operations Manager Widgets.

You can modify your dashboard layout to suit your needs. By default, the first widgets that you add to the dashboard are automatically arranged into a row group.

To position a widget, drag the widget to the desired location in the layout. A marquee indicates where you can drop the widget. Other widgets automatically rearrange and resize to make room.

To resize a widget, drag the bottom border of the widget.

To add a new column in a row group, drag a widget to the topmost row of the group.

To resize a column, place the cursor between any two widgets and drag left or right. You can change column sizes within different row groups independently.

To add a new row group, drag a widget to the bottom of the layout.