As a virtual infrastructure administrator, network operations center engineer, or other IT professional, you use vRealize Operations Manager to monitor objects in your environment so that you can ensure service to your customers and resolve any problems that occur.

Your vRealize Operations Manager administrator has configured vRealize Operations Manager to manage two vCenter Server instances that manage multiple hosts and virtual machines. It is your first day using vRealize Operations Manager to manage your environment.

The vice president of sales telephones the help desk reporting that her virtual machine, VPSALES4632, is running slow. She is working on sales reports for an upcoming meeting and is running behind schedule because of the slow performance of her virtual machine.

You return from lunch to find an alert notification in your inbox. You can use vRealize Operations Manager to investigate and resolve the alert.

As you investigate your objects in the context of this scenario, vRealize Operations Manager provides details to help you resolve the problems. You analyze the state of your environment, examine current problems, investigate solutions, and take action to resolve the problems.