vRealize Operations Manager provides several types of views. Each type of view helps you to interpret metrics, properties, policies of various monitored objects including alerts, symptoms, and so on, from a different perspective. vRealize Operations Manager Views also show information that the adapters in your environment provide.

You can configure vRealize Operations Manager views to show transformation, forecast, and trend calculations.

The transformation type determines how the values are aggregated.

The trend option shows how the values tend to change, based on the historical, raw data. The trend calculations depend on the transformation type and roll up interval.

The forecast option shows what the future values can be, based on the trend calculations of the historical data.

You can use vRealize Operations Manager views in different areas of vRealize Operations Manager.

To manage all views, select Content > Views.

To see the data that a view provides for a specific object, navigate to that object, click the Details tab, and click Views.

To see the data that a view provides in your dashboard, add the View widget to the dashboard. For more information, see View Widget.

To have a link to a view in the Further Analysis section, select the Further Analysis option on the view workspace visibility step.