A custom data center is a vRealize Operations Manager specific object type that you can create, modify, and delete. Custom data centers provide capacity analytics, including capacity badge computations, based on the objects it contains.

A data center in vSphere acts as a container of objects that a particular vCenter Server manages. A custom data center in vRealize Operations Manager is an abstraction that can contain objects from different vCenter Server instances that vRealize Operations Manager monitors.

A custom data center can containvCenter Server instances, data centers, clusters, and hosts. When you add an object to a custom data center, the hierarchical children of the object become part of the custom data center. An object can belong to multiple custom data centers.

You can use the custom data centers when you want capacity analytics on objects that span multiple vCenter Server instances. For example, you want capacity analytics data across multiple clusters and different vCenter Server instances manage the clusters. Instead of analysing one cluster or one vCenter Server instance at a time, you can create a custom data center, add all clusters to it, and have the capacity analysis in one place.

You can add certain vSphere object types to a custom data center.

Select Environment in the left pane and select the Custom Datacenters tab.

Custom Datacenters Options



Toolbar options

Use the toolbar options to manage your custom data centers.

Add. Add a custom data center.

Edit. Modify the selected data center.

Delete. Remove the selected data center.

Clone. Create a copy of the selected data center so that you can customize it for your needs.

Filtering options

Use the filter to limit the list of profiles to those matching the filter you create. You can sort the columns in the data grid.

Data grid

Use the data grid to observe an overview of the state of each custom data center.

Click the name to see the Summary data tab. Select to the right of the name to edit, clone, or delete.