An action might not appear on an object, such as a host or virtual machine, because that object is being managed by vRealize Automation.

Actions such as Rebalance Container might not appear in the drop-down menu when you view the actions for your data center.

If a data center is managed by vRealize Automation, actions do not appear.

If a data center is not managed by vRealize Automation, you can take action on the virtual machines that are not being managed by vRealize Automation.

When vRealize Automation manages the child objects of a data center or custom data center container, the actions that are normally available on those objects do not appear, because the action framework excludes actions on objects that vRealize Automation manages. You cannot turn on or turn off the exclusion of actions on vRealize Automation managed objects. This behavior is normal.

If you removed the vRealize Automation adapter instance, but did not select the Remove related objects check box, the actions are still disabled.

To make actions available on the objects in your data center or custom data center, either confirm that vRealize Automation is not managing the objects, or perform the steps in this procedure to remove the vRealize Automation adapter instance.


To allow actions on an object, go to your vRealize Automation instance.


Make the change in vRealize Automation, such as to move a virtual machine.