Time indicates the schedule and range of days and hours that vRealize Operations Manager monitors the use of resources for your objects, and the maintenance schedule selected for periodic and repeatable maintenance. You can turn on and configure the settings for the Time element for the object types in your policy so that you can override the settings and have vRealize Operations Manager report on metrics and calculate analytics for the group at specific times.

The Time element determines when and how vRealize Operations Manager tracks resources on a specific object type.

To view and override the policy Time analysis setting, click Administration, click Policies, and click the Policy Library tab. Click the plus sign to create a policy or the pencil to edit a selected policy. In the Add or Edit Monitoring policy workspace, click Analysis Settings, then select one or more objects in the left pane. The time settings for the object types that you selected appear in the right pane.

View the Time policy element, and configure the settings for your policy.

If you do not configure the policy element, your policy inherits the settings from the selected base policy.

Policy Time Element Settings in the Add or Edit Monitoring Policy Workspace



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Enables you to override the policy element settings so that you can customize the policy to monitor the objects in your environment.

Track Usage

Determines the times when vRealize Operations Manager runs the capacity analytics calculations.

At all times. Monitor the amount of time tracked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Specific days and times. Select when to track the time use.

Data Range

Sets the number of days to include in the analysis of time use.

Maintenance Schedule

Sets a time to perform maintenance tasks. During maintenance times, vRealize Operations Manager does not calculate analytics.