You can use the Property List widget to view the properties of objects and their values.

To observe the properties of objects in the Property List widget, you can select object property metrics when you configure the widget itself (Self Provider mode enabled) or you can select objects or object property metrics from another widget (Self Provider mode disabled). You can also view a default or custom set of properties by selecting a preconfigured XML file in the Metric Configuration drop-down list of the widget configuration window. For more information about how to configure the widget, see Property List Widget Configuration Options.

The widget might be included on any of your custom dashboards. In the left pane, click Home to see your configured dashboards.

The data that appears in the widget depends on how you configured it. To configure the widget, click the pencil on the title bar to configure the settings.

The Property List widget includes data grid options.

Property List Widget Data Grid



Object Name

Name of the object, whose properties you observe. You can sort the properties by object name. Click on an object name to open the Object Details page.

Property Name

Name of the property. You can sort the properties by property name.


Value of the property. You can sort the properties by value.