You use maintenance mode to take an object offline. Many objects in your environment might be intentionally taken offline. For example, you might deactivate a server to update software. If vRealize Operations Manager collects metrics when the object is offline, it might generate incorrect alerts that affect the data for the object's health. When an object is in maintenance mode, vRealize Operations Manager does not collect metrics from the object and does not generate alerts for it.

If an object undergoes maintenance at fixed intervals, you can create a maintenance schedule and assign it to the object. For example, you can put an object into maintenance mode from midnight until 3 a.m. every Tuesday night. You can also manually put an object in maintenance mode, either indefinitely or for a specified period of time. These methods are not mutually exclusive. You can put an object in maintenance mode or take it out of maintenance mode, even if it has an assigned maintenance schedule.

In the left pane, select Administration > Inventory Explorer. Click Start Maintenance.

Manage Maintenance Schedules Options



I will come back and end maintenance myself.

Maintenance mode starts for the selected object when you click OK. You must manually end maintenance mode for this object.

End maintenance in

Type the number of minutes that the object is in maintenance mode.

End maintenance on

Click the calendar icon, and select the date that maintenance mode ends.