You use the Projects workspace to create projects, which represents an upcoming environment change that affects the capacity of the object. You define the project name, and description, and select a status. Then, you add one or more scenarios to forecast the change to capacity that you expect to implement.

To create, edit, view, and forecast a project, click Environment in the left pane, select an object, and click the Projects tab. On the Projects toolbar, click the plus sign to add a project. Or, click the pencil to edit a selected project.




Name of the project, which appears on the Projects tab.


Meaningful description of the project.


Planned - no badges affected. Sets the created project to the planned state, and runs the what-if analysis to visualize the forecasted effects on the capacity of your object.

Committed - badges affected. Commits or reserves the project in the selected capacity container. All views, reports, and dashboards reflect the project capacity as though you actually deployed the project. To determine whether the reserved resources for this project affect the time remaining or both the time and capacity remaining, click Advanced and select one of the options. With committed projects, vRealize Operations Manager reserves the capacity immediately and displays the impact of the planned projects in the project visualization chart.