For troubleshooting, the product provides an expandable tree of vRealize Operations Manager log files that you can browse and load for review.

vRealize Operations Manager logs are categorized by cluster node, and functional area or log type.

Log in to the vRealize Operations Manager administration interface at https://master-node-name-or-ip-address/admin. Select Support , and click Logs.

Use the toolbar options to control the tree of items and the viewer.

Log Viewer Toolbar Options



Search (Advanced Option)

Search for text in a log using regular expressions or using a time range.

Group By

Organize the tree by cluster node or log type.

Collapse All

Close the view of the tree to show only the high-level folders.

Expand All

Open all the folders in the tree for viewing.

Edit Properties

For the folder, limit the log size, send the logs to an external syslog server, or set logging levels.


Logs that you transmit to a syslog server are unencrypted. Verify that your network is secure before using the syslog option.

Delete Selected File

Delete the log file.

Reload Tree

Refresh the tree view.

Starting Line

Go to a specific line in the open log file.

Number of Lines

Set the number of log file lines per page in the viewer.