To create an alert definition that is also a compliance standard, you first configure the name, base object type, and the alert impact.

The name of the alert is the name of the standard on the Compliance tab.


In the left pane of vRealize Operations Manager, click the Content icon.


Click Alert Definitions and click the plus sign to add a definition.


Type a name and description.

In this scenario, enter Organization Host Compliance Standards.


Click Base Object Type, expand vCenter Adapter in the drop-down menu, and select Host System.


Click Alert Impact and configure the metadata for this alert definition.


From the Impact drop-down menu, select Risk.


From the Criticality drop-down menu, select Symptom Based.


From the Alert Type and Subtype drop-down menu, expand Virtualization/Hypervisor and select Compliance.

Any alert where you use the Compliance subtype is processed as a compliance standard.


Configure the Wait Cycle and Cancel Cycle with a value of 1.

Add the symptoms that act as the compliance rules. See User Scenario: Add Symptoms to the Host Compliance Standard.