Most objects in an environment are related to other objects in that environment. The Environment tab shows how objects in your environment are related. You use this display to troubleshoot problems that might not be about the object that you originally chose to examine. For example, a problem alert on a host might be because a virtual machine related to the host lacks capacity.

When you select an object from the inventory of your environment, you can display the related objects in an overview, list, or map.

The Overview shows all the objects in your environment with a status badge for each object. By clicking a badge, you can see which objects are related.

The List shows only the objects related to your object selection. Depending on the object selected, you can initiate an action or launch an external application.

The Map shows the objects as icons in a hierarchical display. You select an icon to display the number of related objects.

Use the Overview to identify objects in your environment with health, risk, or efficiency problems. Depending on the object type, you might be able to take action on the object from the List view.