A user permissions audit report provides an overview of the local users and LDAP imported users in your vRealize Operations Manager instance, and a list of groups to which each user belongs. This report helps you understand the scope of the user accounts and their roles, access groups, and access privileges in your environment.

The report displays the access group associated with each local user and LDAP imported user and the access privileges granted to the user in each access group. This report does not include vCenter Server users, roles, or privileges.

When a user is a member of a specific user group, the associated access group could provide the user with access to configuration, dashboards, and templates, or to specific navigation areas in the user interface such as Administration. The access rights associated with the access group include actions for each access group, such as the ability to add, edit, or delete dashboards, or to view, configure, or manage objects.

To audit user permissions, select Administration, click Audit, and click the User Permissions Audit tab. The permissions assigned to users, and their associated access groups and access privileges, appear on the page.

User Permissions Audit Actions




Update the list of user permissions displayed on the page.


Download the user permissions audit information to a report in PDF or XLS format.