You can create a project that simulates removing one or more virtual machines from a host or a cluster if you no longer need those virtual machines, or if you need to move them.


In the vRealize Operations Manager inventory tree, select a host or cluster.


Click the Projects tab.


On the toolbar below the visualization pane, click Add.


In the Projects workspace, enter a name and description for the project.


For the Status, select Planned - no badges affected.


In the workspace, click Scenarios.


Under Remove Demand, drag the scenario named remove selected object to the Scenarios pane.


In the Configuration pane, under Changes, click Select one or more objects to remove.


From the list of objects, click the check box for a Virtual machine, and click OK.


Click Save to add the scenario to the project.


In the Projects view, click your project in the list and drag it to the pane just above the project list.

vRealize Operations Manager applies your project and scenario to the visualization chart. The capacity forecasted in the project appears as a gray line in the chart. Compare the current capacity to the expected capacity if you commit this project to remove one or more virtual machines from the selected object.

You can create other projects, and combine or compare the outcomes in the visualization chart.