You might want to add an object by providing its information to vRealize Operations Manager. For example, some solutions cannot discover all of the objects that might be monitored. For these solutions, you need to either use manual discovery or manually add the object.

When you add an individual object, you provide specific information about it, including the kind of adapter to use to make the connection and the connection method. For example, an SNMP adapter does not know the location of the SNMP devices that you want to monitor. You can use manual discovery to perform a port scan through an IP range, but if port scans are not allowed on the network for security reasons, you must add the devices manually.

Verify that an adapter is present for the object you plan to add. See Configuring Additional Solutions and Adapters in vRealize Operations Manager


Select Administration > Inventory Explorer.


On the toolbar, click the plus sign.


Provide the required information.



Display name

Enter a name for the object. For example, enter SNMP-Switch1.


Enter any description. For example, enter Switch monitored with SNMP adapter

Adapter type

Select an adapter type. For example, select SNMP Adapter.

Adapter instance

Select an adapter instance.

Object type

Select an object type. For an SNMP adapter, select an MIB file. vRealize Operations Manager uses the MIB file to determine what data is available on the switch. When you select the object type, the dialog box selections change to include information you provide so that vRealize Operations Manager can find and connect with the selected object type.

Host IP address

Enter the host IP. For example, enter the IP address of the switch.

Port number

Accept the default port number or enter a new value. For the SNMP adapter, this is the SNMP management port number.


Select the Credential, or click the plus sign to add new login credentials for the object.

Collection interval

Enter the collection interval, in minutes. For example, if you expect the switch to generate performance data every 5 minutes, set the collection interval to 5 minutes.

Dynamic Thresholding.

Accept the default, Yes.


Click OK to add the object.

SNMP-Switch1 appears in the Inventory Explorer as an MIB object type for the SNMP adapter type.

When you add an individual object, vRealize Operations Manager does not begin collecting metrics for the object until you turn on data collection. See Inventory Explorer: List of Objects.

For each new object, vRealize Operations Manager assigns tag values for its collector and its object type. In some cases, you might want to assign other tags. See Creating and Assigning Tags.