You can create a custom set of metrics to display the widgets. You can configure one or more files that define different sets of metrics for a particular adapter and object types so that the supported widgets are populated based on the configured metrics and selected object type.

From the Metric Configuration page, you create an XML file that displays a set of metrics at a supported widget. The widgets are Metric Chart, Property List, Rolling View Chart, Scoreboard, Sparkline Chart, and Topology Graph. To use the metric configuration, you must set the widget Self Provider to Off and create a widget interaction with a provider widget.

To manage metric configurations, in the left pane, select Content > Manage Metric Config.

Manage Metric Config Toolbar Options



Create Configuration

Creates an empty XML file in a selected folder .

Edit Configuration

Activates a selected XML file for edit in the text box on the right.

Delete Configuration

Deletes a selected XML file.

Text box

Displays a selected XML file. You must select an XML file and click Edit to edit it.