The vCenter Python Action Adapter is installed with a five-minute collection interval. To minimize traffic between vCenter Server and vRealize Operations Manager, you can change the collection interval to a longer cycle.

The vCenter Server Python Action Adapter is installed with a collection interval of five minutes. The action adapter collects the universally unique identifier (UUID) from the target vCenter Server instance along with general information about the instance in order to associate actions defined in the vCenter Server Python Action Adapter to object data that the vCenter Server adapter collects. When you run actions, they use the collected data from both adapters to populate the action dialog boxes. Because the vCenter Server UUIDs do not often change, you can reduce the collection interval to daily.

Configure a vCenter Python Action Adapter so that you can run actions on your vCenter Server instance. See Add a vCenter Python Actions Adapter Instance in vRealize Operations Manager.


In the left pane of vRealize Operations Manager, click the Administration icon.


Click Inventory Explorer and expand Adapter Instances in the center pane.


Expand vCenter Python Actions Adapter Instance and select the adapter name.


In the right pane, on the List tab, select the adapter name and click Edit Object.


Enter a new value for the Collection Interval (Minutes).

For example, enter 1440 to collect data once a day.


Click OK.

The collection now occurs once a day at the time you made the configuration changes.