The VMware vSphere solution connects vRealize Operations Manager to one or more vCenter Server instances. You can collect data from those instances, monitor them, and run actions in them.

This solution is installed with vRealize Operations Manager. It includes dashboards, alerts, actions, analysis badges, capacity planning, reports, views, and other tools that monitor the target systems based on the collected data.

The data collected from vCenter Server for managed objects includes metrics and some properties. vRealize Operations Manager evaluates the data, identifying trends in object behavior, calculating possible problems and future capacity for objects in your system based on those trends, and alerting you when an object exhibits defined symptoms. The solution also provides actions that you can run on vCenter Server from vRealize Operations Manager to manage those objects as you respond to problems and alerts.

The actions provided with the action adapter are focused on managing your virtual machines. The actions include managing virtual machine power states, the number of CPUs, and the amount of memory. You can also clean up datastores by deleting unused snapshots.