Actions are the method you use to configuration changes on managed objects that you initiate from vRealize Operations Manager. These actions are available to add to alert recommendations.

Actions are defined to run on the target object from different object levels, allowing you to add actions as recommendations for alert definitions that are configured for different base objects. The Actions Overview is a list of actions available in your environment.

To view the available actions, in the left pane, select Content > Actions.

Actions Overview Options



Filter options

Limits the list to actions matching the filter.

Action Name

Name of the action. Duplicate names indicate that the action name is provided by more than one adapter or has more than one associated object.

Action Type

Type of action that the action performs, either read or update.

Update actions make changes to the target objects.

Read actions retrieve data from the target objects.

Adapter Type

Name of the configured adapter that provides the action.

Resource Adapter Type

Adapter that provides the action.

Associated Object Types

Indicates the object level at which the action instance runs.

Has Recommendations

Indicates if the action is used in at least one recommendation.