vRealize Operations Manager requires the following hardware and software when you install on Linux.

vRealize Operations Manager is supported for installation with the following CPU and memory.

vRealize Operations Manager Linux Virtual CPU and Memory Requirements

Node Size

Virtual CPU and Memory


4 vCPU

16 GB vRAM


8 vCPU

32 GB vRAM


16 vCPU

48 GB vRAM

Standard Remote Collector

2 vCPU


Large Remote Collector

4 vCPU

16 GB vRAM

Disk space for vRealize Operations Manager is not driven solely by how much space the application needs in order to successfully install. In addition, you must consider data collection and retention requirements, which might vary from site to site.

The default disk requirement for a new, single-node cluster is 250 GB. Thereafter, one approach to prevent disk capacity shortages is by using vRealize Operations Manager for self monitoring and by adding disk or data nodes as needed.

vRealize Operations Manager is supported for installation on the following Linux versions.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6, starting with version 6.5