The Topology Graph widget gives a graphical presentation of objects and their relationships in the inventory. You can customize each instance of the widget in your dashboard.

The Topology Graph widget enables you to explore all nodes and paths connected to an object from your inventory. Connection between the objects might be a logical, physical, or network connection. The widget can display a graph that shows all of the nodes in the path between two objects, or that shows the objects related to a node in your inventory. You select the type of graph in the Exploration Mode when you configure the widget. You can select the levels of exploration between nodes in the displayed graph by using Relationship check boxes when you edit the widget. The widget displays all object types in the inventory by default, but you can select object types to view by using the Object View list during the configuration process. Double-clicking an object on the graph takes you to a detailed page about the object.

The widget might be included on any of your custom dashboards. In the left pane, click Home to see your configured dashboards.

The data that appears in the widget depends on how you configured it. To configure the widget, click the pencil on the title bar to configure the settings.

The Topology Graph widget includes toolbar options.

Topology Widget Toolbar Options




Use to select from predefined actions for each object type. To see available predefined actions, select an object in the graph and click the toolbar to select an action. For example, when you select a datastore object in the graph, you can click Delete Unused Snapshots for Datastore to apply this action to the object.

Dashboard Navigation

Takes you to a predefined object . For example, when you select a datastore from the graph and click Dashboard Navigation, you can open the datastore in the vSphere Web Client .


Use to move the entire graph.

Show values on point

Provides a tool tip with parameters when you point to an object in the graph.

Zoom in

Zooms in the graph.

Zoom out

Zooms out the graph.

Hierarchical View

Use to switch to hierarchical view. Hierarchical view is enabled only for Node Exploration mode and with selected inventory tree.

Graph View

Use to switch to graph view.

Object Detail

Select an object and click this icon to show the Object Detail page for the object.

Expand Node

Selects which object types related to your object to show on the graph. For example, if you select a virtual machine from the graph and click Expand Node toolbar icon and select Host System, the host on which the virtual machine is located is added to the graph.

Hide Node(s)

Use to remove a given object from the graph

Reset To Initial Object

Use to return to the initially displayed graph and configured object types.

Explore Node

Use to explore a node from a selected object in the graph. For example, if the graph displays a connection between a VM, a host, and a datastore, and you want to check the connection of the host with the other objects in the inventory, you can select the host and click Explore Node.


Use to select objects based on their status or their state.