To monitor your VMware virtual infrastructure, you configure the vCenter Server and vCenter Python action adapters for each of your vCenter Server instances.

The VMware vSphere solution is provided with vRealize Operations Manager. You do not need to download or install a management pack.

The solution includes a vCenter Adapter and a vCenter Python Actions Adapter.


To manage your vCenter Server instances in vRealize Operations Manager, you must configure an adapter instance for each vCenter Server instance. The adapter requires the credentials that are used for communication with the target vCenter Server.


The vCenter Python Actions Adapter allows you to modify objects on your managed vCenter Server instances from vRealize Operations Manager. The adapter is included with vRealize Operations Manager solution and works in combination with the vCenter Server Adapter.


To begin creating a monitoring policy specific to your environment, you provide answers to questions that configure your default policy for this solution. Monitoring policies determine how vRealize Operations Manager evaluates the collected data and calculates trends.


To ensure that users can run actions in vRealize Operations Manager, you must configure user access to the actions. You create action roles to control which actions a user can run and create user groups to control which action adapter objects are available to the groups to which each user belongs.


The vCenter Python Action Adapter is installed with a five-minute collection interval. To minimize traffic between vCenter Server and vRealize Operations Manager, you can change the collection interval to a longer cycle.