You perform cluster and node maintenance procedures to help your vRealize Operations Manager perform more efficiently. cluster and node maintenance involves activities such as changing the online or offline state of the cluster or individual nodes, enabling or disabling high availability (HA), reviewing statistics related to the installed adapters, and rebalancing the workload for better performance.

You perform most vRealize Operations Manager cluster and node maintenance using the Cluster Management page in the product interface, or the Cluster Status and Troubleshooting page in the administration interface. The administration interface provides more options than the product interface.

Cluster and Node Maintenance Procedures




Change Cluster Status


You can change the status of a node to online or offline.

In a high availability (HA) cluster, taking the master or replica offline causes vRealize Operations Manager to run from the remaining node and for HA status to be degraded.

Any manual or system action that restarts the cluster brings all vRealize Operations Manager nodes online, including any nodes that you had taken offline.

Enable or Disable High Availability


Enabling or disabling high availability requires the cluster to have at least one Data node, with all nodes online or all offline. You cannot us Remote Collector nodes.

Disabling high availability removes the replica node and restarts the vRealize Operations Manager cluster.

After you disable high availability, the replica node vRealize Operations Manager converts back to a data node and restarts the cluster.

Generate Passphrase


You can generate a passphrase to use instead of the administrator credentials to add a node to this cluster.

The passphrase is only valid for a single use.

Remove a Node


When you remove a node, you lose data that the node had collected unless you are running in high availability (HA) mode. HA protects against the removal or loss of one node.

You must not re-add nodes to vRealize Operations Manager that you already removed. If your environment requires more nodes, add new nodes instead.

Configure NTP


The nodes in vRealize Operations Manager cluster synchronize with each other by standardizing on the master node time or by synchronizing with an external Network Time Protocol (NTP) source.

Rebalance the Cluster


You can rebalance adapter, disk, memory, or network load across vRealize Operations Manager cluster nodes to increase the efficiency of your environment.