Apply the policy to your new group of Datastore objects to have vRealize Operations Manager monitor them to ensure that the disk space levels of these objects adhere to the settings in your policies to support the service level agreements and business priorities that are established for your environment.

In this step, you apply your new policy to production Datastore objects so that vRealize Operations Manager monitors them to ensure adequate disk space levels of these objects.

Override the alert and symptom definitions for Datastore objects. See User Scenario: Override Alert and Symptom Definitions for Datastore Objects.


In the policy workspace, click Apply Policy to Groups, and select the new object group that you created for your Datastore objects.


Click Save to save your new policy settings.

vRealize Operations Manager uses the settings in your new policy to display the disk use for your Datastore objects in dashboards, views, and reports, and to enforce the service levels during data collections

Create a new dashboard to view the disk use of your Datastore objects.