vRealize Operations Manager provides features to help you perform maintenance, troubleshoot potential issues, and optimize your work with vRealize Operations Manager.

The product includes cluster and node management options that let you work with the processing systems at the heart of vRealize Operations Manager. When you need to troubleshoot the system, various logs collect details related to how well vRealize Operations Manager is working and are available for bundling if Technical Support needs to review them. You also have the ability to maintain passwords that control operator access to the product, and authentication certificates that provide system-to-system security.

Some administration activities involve how vRealize Operations Manager monitors objects in the environment. For example, maintenance mode settings prevent misleading data from appearing when objects are offline or undergoing maintenance. Licensing activates vRealize Operations Manager monitoring and solutions, and license groups organize objects for data collection under a particular license key. There also are on-demand options to refresh installed adapter lists and gather information about adapter abilities, and to recalculate dynamic thresholds so that vRealize Operations Manager captures the most recent data for a particular metric.