To verify the super metric formula, display a graph that shows its value during a past time period.

Before you apply the super metric to an object type such as a host system, verify that it works for an object of that type.

Design your super metric formula. See Design a Super Metric.

Create your super metric. See Add Your Super Metric.


On the Manage Super Metric workspace, in the Adapter Type field of the Object Types pane, select vCenter Adapter.


From the list of object types that appear, select Host System.


In the toolbar above the formula, click the Visualize Super Metric icon.


In the Objects pane, double-click one of the host systems listed.

The metric graph replaces the Metrics and Attribute Types panes.

The metric graph shows the values of the metric collected for the host system. Verify that the graph shows values over time. If the graph displays no values or zero values, the formula might contain an error.