An object group type is an identifier that you apply to a specific group of objects in your environment to categorize them. You can add new group types, and apply them to groups of objects so that vRealize Operations Manager can collect data from the object group and display the results in the dashboards and views.

Use group types to categorize your objects so that vRealize Operations Manager can apply policies to them to track, and display specific status, such as alerts, workload, faults, risk, and so on.

When you create a new group type, vRealize Operations Manager adds it to the existing list of group types, and creates a new folder with the name of your group type in the Environment Custom Groups list.

When you create a new group of objects, you assign a group type to that group of objects. You add objects from the inventory trees to your custom group, then create your dashboard, add widgets to the dashboard, and configure the widgets to display the data collected from the objects in the group. You can then monitor and manage the objects.

You can apply a group type to a group of objects that you create manually, or to object groups that you cannot modify, such those added by adapters. Each adapter that you add to vRealize Operations Manager adds one or more static groups of objects to group the data received from the adapter sources.

The list of group types appears in the Content area under Group Types. The custom object groups appear in the Environment area under Custom Groups.

To create or modify a group type, click Content and click Group Types.

You can add, edit, or delete group types. You cannot edit group types that are created by adapters.