The Reclaimable Capacity tab indicates the amount of provisioned capacity that you can reclaim and provision to other objects in your environment without causing stress or performance degradation. Reclaimable Capacity is calculated for each resource type, such as CPU, memory, and disk, for each object in the environment.

For groups, Reclaimable Capacity is the amount of disk space that can be reclaimed from the virtual machines in the group that are considered waste, based on the policy settings for the powered off and idle state. If the virtual machine is idle, all its resources are considered reclaimable. If a group does not contain any virtual machines, but contains datastores, the value for Reclaimable Capacity is 0, even if the datastore contains virtual machines that are wasting resources based on the Powered off and idle VMs settings.

For more information about Reclaimable Capacity as it pertains to policy settings, see Policy Reclaimable Capacity Element.

The Reclaimable Capacity analysis badge value is a score based on the percentage of your total capacity that could be re-purposed.

The Reclaimable Capacity score ranges between 0 (good) and 100 (bad). The badge score thresholds can by modified by the vRealize Operations Manager administrator.

See Managing and Administering Policies for vRealize Operations Manager to configure symptom thresholds for the Reclaimable Capacity badge score.

Reclaimable Waste States

Badge Icon


User Action

Icon for low Waste score.

No resources are wasted on the selected object.

No attention required.

Icon for moderate Waste score.

Some resource can be used better.

Check the details and take appropriate action.

Icon for high Waste levels.

Many resources are underused.

Check the details and take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Icon for very high Waste levels.

Most of the resources on the selected object are wasted.

Act immediately to avoid or correct problems.

Icon for unknown Waste score.

The object is offline or no data is available for any of the metrics for the time period.

To view the Reclaimable Capacity badge, click Environment in the left pane and select the object, click the Analysis tab, and click the Reclaimable Capacity tab.

Reclaimable Capacity Based on the Selected Inventory Object



Badge status

Reclaimable Capacity status for the object.

Reclaimable Capacity Trend

How the badge value for the object has trended over time.

This trend view allows you to see behavior over time and to identify when a change in a badge value indicates a change on the object.

The trend data time value is based on the Data Range setting, which is defined in the Time analysis settings for the policy that is associated with the object.

Reclaimable Capacity Breakdown

Breakdown of reclaimable capacity by object.

The data range considered for computing the reclaimable capacity for the resource containers is based on the Data Range setting, which is defined in the Time analysis settings for the policy that is associated with the object.

Reclaimable Capacity in Related Objects

Reclaimable Capacity status of the related objects.

Use the related objects to determine if any problems are affecting only the current object or are related objects experiencing problems.