To receive an email notification when the accounting alert is generated, rather than relying on your ability to generally monitor the accounting department objects in vRealize Operations Manager, you create notification rules.

Creating an email notification when accounting alerts are triggered is an optional process, but it provides you with the alert even when you are not currently working in vRealize Operations Manager.

Verify that you completed the alert definition for this scenario. See User Scenario: Add Recommendations to the Alert Definition.

Verify that standard email outbound alerts are configured in your system. See Add a Standard Email Plug-In for vRealize Operations Manager Outbound Alerts.


In the left pane of vRealize Operations Manager, click the Content icon.


Click Notifications and click the plus sign to add a notification rule.


Configure the communication options.


In the Name text box, type a name similar to Acct Dept VMs or Hosts Alerts.


From the Select Plug-In Type drop-down menu, select StandardEmailPlugin.


From the Select Instance drop-down menu, select the standard email instance that is configured to send messages.


In the Recipients text box, type your email address and the addresses of other recipients responsible for the accounting department alerts. Use a semicolon between recipients.


Leave the Notify again text box blank.

If you do not provide a value, the email notice is sent only once. This alert is a Risk alert and is intended as an early warning rather than requiring an immediate response.

You configured the name of the notification when it is sent to you and the method that is used to send the message.


In the Filtering Criteria area, configure the accounting alert notification trigger.


From the Notification Trigger drop-down menu, select Alert Definition.


Click Click to select Alert Definition.


Select Acct VM CPU early warning and click Select.


Click Save.

You created a notification rule that sends you and your designated engineers an email message when this alert is generated for your accounting department alert definition.

Create a dashboard with alert-related widgets so that you can monitor alerts for the accounting object group. See User Scenario: Create a Dashboard to Monitor Department Objects.