To configure or reconfigure credentials that you use to enable an adapter instance, you must provide the collection configuration settings, for example, user name and password, that are valid on the target system. You can also modify the connection settings for an existing credential instance.

In the left pane, click the Administration icon and click Credentials. Click the plus sign to add a new credential or the pencil to edit the selected credential.

The Manage Credentials dialog box is used to add new or modifies existing adapter credentials. The dialog box varies depending on the type of adapter and whether you are adding or editing. The following options describe the basic options. Depending on the solution, the options other than the basic ones vary.


Any adapter credentials you add are shared with other adapter administrators and vRealize Operations Manager collector hosts. Other administrators might use these credentials to configure a new adapter instance or to move an adapter instance to a new host.

Manage Credential Add or Edit Options



Adapter Type

Adapter type for which you are configuring the credentials.

Credential Kind

Credentials associated with the adapter. The combination of adapter and credential type affects the additional configuration options.

Credential Name

Descriptive name by which you are managing the credentials.

User Name

User account credentials that are used in the adapter configuration to connect vRealize Operations Manager to the target system.


Password for the provided credentials.