When you create a policy, you must give the policy a meaningful name and description so that users know the purpose of the policy.

To add a name and description to a policy, click Administration, click Policies, click the Policy Library tab, and click the plus sign to add a policy or click the pencil to edit a policy. In the Add or Edit Monitoring policy workspace, on the left click Getting Started. The name and description appear in the workspace.

Name and Description Options in the Add or Edit Monitoring Policy Workspace




Name of the policy as it appears in the Add or Edit Monitoring Policy wizard, and in areas where the policy applies to objects, such as Custom Groups.


Meaningful description of the policy. For example, use the description to indicate which policy is inherited, and any specific information that users need to understand the relationship of the policy to one or more groups of objects.

Start with

The base policy that will be used as a starting point. All settings from the base policy will be inherited as default settings in your new policy. You can override these settings to customize the new policy.

Select a base policy to inherit the base policy settings as a starting point for your new policy.