After you have restored a vRealize Operations Manager cluster to a remote host, change the IP address of the master nodes and data nodes to point to the new host.

Verify that the restore job has completed successfully.

Verify that the datastore on the new host has sufficient capacity for the new cluster.


Shut down the vRealize Operations Manager cluster at the original location.


In the Virtual Appliance Management Interface (VAMI), access the machine from the vCenter console and run the /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_set_network eth0 STATICV4 new IP netmask gateway to change the IP address for each node in the cluster.

For example:

				eth0 STATICV4

After the command runs successfully, restart the network, reboot each node, and power on the remote collector node.


Use SSH to access the master, data, and remote collector nodes, and run the $VMWARE_PYTHON_BIN /usr/lib/vmware-vcopssuite/utilities/sliceConfiguration/bin/ --action=bringSliceOffline --offlineReason=restore cluster command to take the cluster offline.


Update the CaSA database with the new IP address first on the master nodes, and then on the data nodes.


Run the vmware-casa stop command to stop the CaSA service.


Open the /storage/db/casa/webapp/hsqldb/casa.db.script file for editing, and replace all instances of the old IP address and with the new IP address.


Run the vmware-casa start command to start the CaSA service.


In the following configuration files, use a text editor to replace all instances of the old IP address with the new IP address.



/usr/lib/vmware-vcops/user/conf/ This configuration file only runs on the master node. Edit the locater parameter.




Navigate to the /usr/lib/vmware-vcops/user/conf/cassandra/ directory, and edit the cassandra.yaml file so that the seeds parameter points to the new IP address of the master node, and the listen_address and broadcast_rpc_address point to the IP addresses of the data nodes.


Log in to the vRealize Operations Manager administration interface, and bring the cluster online.