If you have already installed vRealize Operations Manager, you can update your software when a newer version becomes available.


Installation might take several minutes or even a couple hours depending on the size and type of your clusters and nodes.

Create a snapshot of each node in your cluster. See Create a Snapshot as Part of an Update for details.

Obtain the PAK file for your cluster. See Obtain the Software Update PAK Filefor details.


Log into the master node vRealize Operations Manager Administrator interface of your cluster at https://master-node-FQDN-or-IP-address/admin.


Click Software Update in the left panel.


Click Install a Software Update in the main panel.


Follow the steps in the wizard to locate and install your PAK file.


If you are updating a Virtual Appliance deployment, perform the OS update.

This updates the OS on the virtual appliance and restarts each virtual machine.


Install the product update PAK file.

Wait for the software update to complete. When it does, the Administrator interface logs you out.


Log back into the master node Administrator interface.

The main Cluster Status page appears and cluster goes online automatically. The status page also displays the Bring Online button, but do not click it.


If the browser page does not refresh automatically, refresh the page.

The cluster status changes to Going Online. When the cluster status changes to Online, the upgrade is complete.


Click Software Update to check that the update is done.

A message indicating that the update completed successfully appears in the main pane.

Delete the snapshots you made before the software update.


Multiple snapshots can degrade performance, so delete your pre-update snapshots after the software update completes.