The current policy widget displays the active operational policy that is assigned to your object or object group. vRealize Operations Manager uses the assigned policy to analyze your objects, control the data that is collected from those objects, generate alerts when problems occur, and display the results in the dashboards.

You add the Current Policy widget to a dashboard so that you can quickly see which operational policy is applied to an object or object group. To add the widget to a dashboard, you must have access permissions associated with the roles assigned to your user account. When you select an object in the Object List on the dashboard, the widget displays the policy associated with that object.

The widget might be included on any of your custom dashboards. In the left pane, click Home to see your configured dashboards.

The data that appears in the widget depends on how you configured it. To configure the widget, click the pencil on the title bar to configure the settings.

The Current Policy widget includes toolbar options to collapse, edit, get help, and close the widget. To add the Current Policy widget to a dashboard, you create or edit a dashboard, click the widget in the widget list, and drag it to the dashboard workspace. After you add the widget to the dashboard, you configure the widget.

With the Current Policy widget configured, when you select an object on the dashboard, such as in the Object List widget, the policy applied to the object appears in the Current Policy widget, with an embedded link to the policy details. To display the inherited and local settings for the applied policy, click the link.