You can import a super metric that was exported from another instance of vRealize Operations Manager. For example, after a super metric is developed and tested in a lab environment, you can import a super metric to a production environment.

If the super metric to import contains a reference to an object that does not exist in the target instance, the import fails. vRealize Operations Manager returns a brief error message and writes detailed information to the log file.

Export a super metric from another vRealize Operations Manager instance. See Exporting a Super Metric.


Select Content > Super Metrics and click the Import Super Metric actions icon.


(Optional) If the target instance has a super metric with the same name as the super metric you are importing, you can either overwrite the existing super metric or skip the import, which is the default.


Click Browse, select the super metric file to import, and click Open.

After the import is finished, the super metric is listed.