You use the supermetric command to import, export, configure, and delete super metrics.

The supermetric command uses the following syntax.

supermetric -h | import|export|configure|delete [parameters]

supermetric Command Operations

Command Name



supermetric import

Import a super metric from a file and assign the ownership to the specified user account.

supermetric import -h | input-file 
                        [--force] [--policies all|policy-name[{,policy-name}]] 
                        [--check (true|false)] [--retry maxRetryMinutes] [--create]

supermetric export

Export an existing super metric to a template file.

supermetric export -h | supermetric-name [output-dir]

supermetric configure

Configure properties of a super metric in one or more super metrics packages.

supermetric configure -h | supermetric-name 
                           --policies all|policy-name[{,policy-name}]] 
                           --check (true|false) --ht (true|false) --htcriticality level-name
                           --dtabove (true|false) --dtbelow (true|false)
                           --thresholds threshold-def[{,threshold-def}]

supermetric delete

Permanently delete a super metric.

supermetric delete -h | supermetric-name